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Direct access to your digital public services is the single app covering all the federal public services. As a Belgian citizen, you can use it to access your official documents in digital format at any time. From your eBox to your certificates or your personal data, you'll find everything in one single app!

What can you do with this app?

You can use this app to communicate with the Belgian government.

The government at your fingertips

You get access to a wide range of public services, information and official documents online, wherever you are.

Digital portfolio

You can store all kinds of official documents issued by the government in This feature will be gradually enhanced so that, in future, you will also be able to store your identity card, driving licence and certificates.

Digital hub

Contact the government services via to request official documents and certificates, without leaving your home.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the app?

Activate the app with your electronic identity card (eID)

Activating the app with itsme®

How does the counter work?

Go to online help


Do you have any questions or comments? Contact us

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